Living in VANcouver

I´ve always loved travelling in a Van. For me, at least at this point of my life it is the most amazing way of exploring a country. It is simple, yet so adventurous, and it gives you all the flexibility you need to make the most of your time and money (that is, if the car doesn´t break down) when travelling. It makes you NOT waste time on blog posts or checking Facebook. That´s why this post is a month late. At the beginning of September, I used my Van as a real home. Staying in one place for two weeks in a row and living in the Van without travelling in it was a new experience for me. I was really worried, because I was going to stay in the “big” city of Vancouver, and sleeping in a car in a city is usually not easy. But, as the name suggests, VANcouver has made it easy for me.

Working in landscaping for two weeks, I had to drive to different places everyday. But I never had to worry about forgetting a sweater, my rain coat or my lunch, because my home was always with me. After work, I usually headed to Jericho Beach, where I could take a (cold) shower, cook a nice meal, meet nice people and then park my car in one of the side streets there. Even though there were signs saying “No Overnight Parking”, no police or bylaw ever told me of, which was probably because the Van really doesn´t look like someone is sleeping in there.

I lived where usually only really wealthy people could afford houses – especially considering the housing crisis in Vancouver. And it seemed like I wasn´t the only one. Even though it´s really not always easy to live in our car, it was really rewarding! When I got up early enough, I got to see the most amazing sunrise over the Vancouver skyline. And when I wasn´t too tired, I could watch the sunset on Kitsilano beach, having a beer and some nice food, cooked on the gas stove.

See the pictures below to get an impression of how nice VANcouver can be. Hopefully, the next blogpost will follow soon. If not, be sure that I´m having an adventurous time!


Sounds of Newfoundland

Every good adventure needs an even better playlist. Here´s mine for my adventures in Newfoundland.

13 great songs for 13 great days on the beautiful island

Day 1

Not exactly Shipping up to Boston, but flying out to Newfoundland. An Irish classic.

Day 2

The whitest guy in town gets fired up for a rugby game to Kanye´s Black Skinhead. Yes´by.

Day 3

Playing These Old Shoes and getting ready for an epic roadtrip to the Newfoundland Westcoast.

Day 4

First song of the trip. Not the last time that one was played though…

Day 5

Division Street. Driving through epic scenery of the Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park on the way to the trailheads.

Day 6

A night in a tent, noodles & tuna for breakfast. The Cave fits the wild atlantic coast that we´re looking upon.

Day 7

There´s lots of Malt Liquor in Newfoundland, that´s for sure.

Day 8

Drunk in Norris Point.

Day 9

Driving back from Gros Morne like a Zombie. Epic song.

Day 10

Last concert of The Tragically Hip. Finishing up with Ahead by a century.

Day 11

Hungover on a great fishing trip. But who would say no to Barrels of Rhum? Check out The Steady Swaggers, a great, crazy band from Montreal

Day 12

Another song constantly on repeat. If you ever try to Step to her…

Day 13

Perfect ending to a perfect trip, listening to a live band performing the inofficial Newfoundland anthem The Islander.


Newfoundland Adventures

Thanks for having me, Newfoundland! Two weeks in Canada´s most easterly province are over. A lot of money was spent on drinks, travelling and more drinks. Worth it!

On this beautiful but remote island, where most of the tourists are from “the mainland” of Canada you can get the real deal. Oportunities are endless. The weather is constantly changing. And the people are just incredibly friendly.

Before heading out to Gros Morne Mountain, which is an eight hour drive from St. John´s, I spent two days in the city to tick off the major tourist attractions from my bucket list. I went up to Signal Hill, went out on George Street on Friday night and drove through the small harbour of Quidi Vidi. It wasn´t until the end of the trip that I actually saw that place in detail though.

Whereas Downtown St. John´s is really nice to go out and have drinks in bars on George Street like the Christian´s, have some legendardy Fish & Chips at The Duke of Duckworth or a Wrap with Pasta or Rice (sounds weird? Tastes delicious!) at Mustang Sally´s, the true treasure of Newfoundland is its unbelievable nature.

So if you ever make your way to Newfoundland, make sure to go to the amazing Gros Morne National Park!

Pack a lightweight tent and go loop the Green Gardens! Or make the effort to go climb the Tablelands and enjoy an amazing view to Norris Point!

Another amazing hike was the Gros Morne Mountain. Parks Canada informs you on their website that it´s not a good idea to climb it without the necessary equipment. And they are right. Don´t even think about doing this hike in your running shoes, without raingear or enough water supply.

Those hikes make you hungry, so you want to check out the cafés and restaurants in Rocky Harbour. For those who would like to get some real Canadian cuisine, go to Earle´s for a moose burger or to Java Jack´s for some nice seafood chowder.

Again, oportunities are endless, and time is always too short. That being said, I will return to the island to check out the amazing trails they have on a Mountainbike. Enjoy the pictures!


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