Sounds of Newfoundland

Every good adventure needs an even better playlist. Here´s mine for my adventures in Newfoundland.

13 great songs for 13 great days on the beautiful island

Day 1

Not exactly Shipping up to Boston, but flying out to Newfoundland. An Irish classic.

Day 2

The whitest guy in town gets fired up for a rugby game to Kanye´s Black Skinhead. Yes´by.

Day 3

Playing These Old Shoes and getting ready for an epic roadtrip to the Newfoundland Westcoast.

Day 4

First song of the trip. Not the last time that one was played though…

Day 5

Division Street. Driving through epic scenery of the Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park on the way to the trailheads.

Day 6

A night in a tent, noodles & tuna for breakfast. The Cave fits the wild atlantic coast that we´re looking upon.

Day 7

There´s lots of Malt Liquor in Newfoundland, that´s for sure.

Day 8

Drunk in Norris Point.

Day 9

Driving back from Gros Morne like a Zombie. Epic song.

Day 10

Last concert of The Tragically Hip. Finishing up with Ahead by a century.

Day 11

Hungover on a great fishing trip. But who would say no to Barrels of Rhum? Check out The Steady Swaggers, a great, crazy band from Montreal

Day 12

Another song constantly on repeat. If you ever try to Step to her…

Day 13

Perfect ending to a perfect trip, listening to a live band performing the inofficial Newfoundland anthem The Islander.

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