Living in VANcouver

I´ve always loved travelling in a Van. For me, at least at this point of my life it is the most amazing way of exploring a country. It is simple, yet so adventurous, and it gives you all the flexibility you need to make the most of your time and money (that is, if the car doesn´t break down) when travelling. It makes you NOT waste time on blog posts or checking Facebook. That´s why this post is a month late. At the beginning of September, I used my Van as a real home. Staying in one place for two weeks in a row and living in the Van without travelling in it was a new experience for me. I was really worried, because I was going to stay in the “big” city of Vancouver, and sleeping in a car in a city is usually not easy. But, as the name suggests, VANcouver has made it easy for me.

Working in landscaping for two weeks, I had to drive to different places everyday. But I never had to worry about forgetting a sweater, my rain coat or my lunch, because my home was always with me. After work, I usually headed to Jericho Beach, where I could take a (cold) shower, cook a nice meal, meet nice people and then park my car in one of the side streets there. Even though there were signs saying “No Overnight Parking”, no police or bylaw ever told me of, which was probably because the Van really doesn´t look like someone is sleeping in there.

I lived where usually only really wealthy people could afford houses – especially considering the housing crisis in Vancouver. And it seemed like I wasn´t the only one. Even though it´s really not always easy to live in our car, it was really rewarding! When I got up early enough, I got to see the most amazing sunrise over the Vancouver skyline. And when I wasn´t too tired, I could watch the sunset on Kitsilano beach, having a beer and some nice food, cooked on the gas stove.

See the pictures below to get an impression of how nice VANcouver can be. Hopefully, the next blogpost will follow soon. If not, be sure that I´m having an adventurous time!

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